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3 of the good ridge-milford funeral directors, on the left there is Kyle, in the middle there is Sharon and on the right there is Marquell


Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we are here for you in your time of need. Though we are based in Birmingham, the heart of the West Midlands, we offer our funeral services across the nation. We welcome families of all nationalities, backgrounds and cultures.


We can help you create the perfect funeral to honour the memory of your loved one.


Goodridge Milford Funeral Directors was established in early 2011 by Sharon Goodridge-Milford. Sharon was initially introduced to the industry over 30 years ago by her late father, who shared his knowledge and experience. Through this, the foundation was laid for what would later be, Goodridge-Milford funeral directors. Sharon sought to maintain the family element and invited her eldest son Marquell Milford to become a part of Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors. Shortly after, Kyle Milford joined in 2012 and her youngest son Nahshon Goodridge-Calder followed in 2017. All three sons, as well as a wider extended family, work within the company. Each member brings something unique; however, the genuine love and dedication to all families they encounter remain consistent.


Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors was the first family-owned, independent, Afro-Caribbean undertakers in the West Midlands. They envisioned transforming generic funeral services into a true celebration of life, allowing each family to commemorate their loved one in a memorable and personalised way. Sharon, her sons, and the team are devoted to delivering a professional yet personal service. Every family is treated with the utmost care and dignity, which goes far beyond the funeral arrangements. As a result, many have established lifelong friendships.


We at Goodridge-Milford express sympathy and consideration whilst supporting you through your bereavement. We ensure every family is given the personal care and attention needed in an often devastating time. We offer bespoke and tailored services to provide your loved one the most fitting and appropriate tribute. At Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors, we are committed to providing efficiency in every aspect of the funeral process. With your loved ones and family at the centre, we will always go the extra mile. 


Sharon Goodridge-Milford is the founder of Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors Birmingham

Sharon Goodridge-Milford

Sharon Goodridge-Milford is the founder of Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors and was also the first Afro-Caribbean female undertaker in the West-midlands. She is renowned for her professionalism and exuberance when carrying out services. Sharon works relentlessly and thoroughly to ensure everyone has the best possible experience at Goodridge-Milford. Her warmth, and sincerity, have earnt the respect and love of many. Her passion and sheer dedication truly set her apart from other funeral directors; it goes beyond a vocation for Sharon. She keeps the family at the centre and always acts with integrity and love to deliver an outstanding service.

Marquell Milford

Marquell Milford

Marquell Milford is the eldest of the three sons and was also the first to enter the family tradition of funeral directing. Marquell is charming and charismatic, able to bring a smile to anyone he meets. Marquell’s primary responsibilities lie within the administrative processes that take place. Alongside carrying out his role within the office, Marquell decided to merge his creativity and established ‘Milford Memorials’, the manufacture of bespoke headstones. His innovative and quick-witted nature allows him to handle matters swiftly and efficiently. Although he often remains behind the scenes, Marquell occasionally conducts funeral services and is an integral member of Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors. 

Kyle Milford is the middle son of the three, and has become one of the main funeral directors at Goodridge-Milford

Kyle Milford

Kyle Milford is the middle son of the three and has become one of the leading funeral directors at Goodridge-Milford. Kyle’s kind and humble character has made him widely loved and respected within the community. He also carries out multiple roles within the company. His organisation and methodical approach, greatly benefit both the families and the wider team. Kyle always acts in the consideration of others. On the day of the homegoing, he provides reassurance and support to the families, whilst maintaining exquisite quality and professionalism. He understands the significance of being a funeral director, and does a remarkable job, upholding the high standard that has been set.  


Goodridge-Milford Funeral Directors is built upon the principles of quality, trust, and expertise. As a result, we have earned a solid reputation for excellence and compassion within the local community.


Our role is to listen to you, the bereaved, and provide guidance and care as you decide on the type of funeral you want to create for your loved one. In addition, we can help to ensure all the necessary paperwork and legal documentation is submitted accurately and within the correct time frames. We understand the difficulty of this process and are here to make each step as stress-free as possible.


We are also members of SAIF, the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, for your added peace of mind.


SAIF represents more than 870 privately owned, independent funeral homes across the UK and works within the profession to promote best practices and ensure excellent standards of care. 

For more information on SAIF and its Code of Conduct, click here.

SAIF represents more than 870 privately owned, independent funeral homes across the UK
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